The following comments describe the services we offered for 30 years. Unfortunately, we are no longer doing market studies and surveys. However, we are willing to provide a consultation service to assist you in developing a market survey or a market study.

. . .Marc Liebman 11–28-2017

AIM Market Research

We are an industrial market research and prospect development firm that provides detailed and comprehensive information to companies wishing to introduce a new or existing product, service, or technology to the North American/Global industry.

Our Services Include:

  • Market Survey
  • Market Study – Primary & Secondary
  • Sales Consulting
  • Retrospective Competitive Analysis
  • Marketability Assessment
  • Prospect Analysis
  • Partnership Search
  • Procurement Search

How we did it!

Here is a brief description of how AIM Market Research gets to the right person and is effective in enlisting their help in getting the information we are looking for.

First of all, based on our experience, we have found that there is no one approach that is the secret to our success. Every project is different; every plant or company we talk to is different. We never know whether any particular person is going to be the right one from the start; it’s a judgment call. You begin the process and if you know what you’re doing, you eventually get to the right person.

Numerous factors enable us to find the right person and to get the information we want. This is what we have found is required to successful implement these projects:

  • We obtain a clear insight into the objective of our client.
  • We emphasize frankness and honesty. In our initial contacts, we are specific about our objective and our identity. This insures that we will be guided appropriately. We don’t pursue discussions with a person unless he exhibits a clear interest and knowledge regarding the subject matter and is willing to discuss it. If our first contact is not the right person, we spark enough interest in helping us to get an appropriate referral.
  • We explain who we are, describe our relationship with the client (though sometimes the client wishes to remain anonymous), and describe the background of the interviewer. This gives our interviewer more credibility. We try to get the interviewee into a “comfort zone” so that he knows we are not going to waste his time and that this interview could be of benefit to him.
  • We make sure the interviewee understands that our client is trying to better understand his needs so that our client can be more responsive to these needs.
  • As more and more interviews are completed during a project, the survey process improves. The patterns of responses begin to establish a pattern in a particular project and we just get better and better at it.
  • Once we establish the questionnaire that will be used throughout the project, that questionnaire doesn’t change. However, the actual interviewing methodology is adaptive and becomes ever more refined.

We did all this exceptionally well, as demonstrated by having completed over 550 projects for many leading industrial companies.

We are an industrial market research firm serving companies throughout North America/Worldwide.