Marc Liebman – President AIM Resources

Marc Liebman has 45 years experience with a track record of successful assignments in Marketing, Sales and Contracts Administration to industry. Before founding AIM Market Research in February 1988, he was Manager of Market Development for ASEA Industrial Systems (now known as ABB Industrial Systems) Metallurgy Division and responsible for the market development activities in the United States for ASEA Metallurgy AB of Sweden. Mr. Liebman has extensive knowledge of the U.S. steel industry. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Management from Carnegie Tech (Carnegie-Mellon University) and an M.B.A. in Marketing from Bernard Baruch College – City University of New York. Marc Liebman has been a member of the AIST (Association for Iron & Steel Technology, previously AISE & ISS) since 1978 (40 years).

Mr. Liebman is an assertive, poised professional, has been a speaker at metals industry trade conferences and contributor to numerous steel industry publications. He has presented papers at the Iron & Steel Society’s Electric Furnace Conferences (EFC) in 1988,1989, 2000, the American Foundry Society Casting Congress in 1989, TMS Recycling & Reclamation in 2000 and AIM Market Research’s Symposium on Small Heat Size Ladle Reheating/Refining in January 1991.

Bernard J. Hrosik (Now Retired)

Bernard Hrosik had over 43 years experience in the hot-end of the basic steel industry culminating in the position of Division Manager at U.S. Steel Mon Valley. He retired from U.S. Steel prior to his association with AIM Market Research and has worked with AIM for 15 years. His entire career has involved assignments in the areas of iron, steelmaking, and casting with U.S. Steel. He has held various management positions and has developed an extensive knowledge of the operation of these facilities. His track record has helped him to acquire a network of key contacts throughout the steel and related industries. Mr. Hrosik has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

Mr. Hrosik is a result-oriented, skilled professional with a strong background in a fully integrated steelmaking operation. Mr. Hrosik has presented papers at the Eastern States Blast Furnace and Coke Oven Association and has chaired several sessions of the Iron and Steel Society at national conventions.

Sandy Hughes – Office manager & Data Base Specialist (Now Retired)

Sandy Hughes has 30 years of experience in the Professional Administration field. Before retiring from Deloitte & Touche LLP, Sandy supported the Audit Partner-in-Charge for more than 10 years. After graduating from Robert Morris in 1961, Sandy was employed at Alcoa supporting several managers in the Highway Products Department. Before joining Deloitte & Touche, Sandy spent her time raising her four children and attending college classes to earn an Associates Degree in Computer Science. Sandy loves her job at AIM because it has afforded her the opportunity to continue learning new tools in the computer world. This job is also perfect for a retired grandmother of 10 because it affords the flexibility needed to enjoy activities such as golf and bridge and time for travel with her husband to visit the grandchildren and other interesting destinations.

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